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Tipon – Pikillacta


Tipon is a beatiful town who have wonderful water sources, is a one of the most important architectural complexes of the city of Cusco.

ruins tipon cuscoLocated southeast of Cusco is seated on an uneven surface and that at the time of the empire there were no flat land or horizontal terrain, it is possible that the area that tipon was occupied by lordships who waged wars of many years and for make sure they built colossal, defensive walls defensive walls which it took many years of work.





Pikillacta is considered to be one of the best-know and well-kept pre-inca cities en Peru. It is found 30 Km southeast of Cusco. Alfonsina Barrionuevo refers to Pikillacta in the following way “The skirts of the Wayllonqa hill, where Pikillacta is found an ancient pre-inca city, shine like the sun. The flowers light up the ruins, which feature empty streets, gigantic plazas, two-story palaces and family housing. Hundreds of lizards scuttle around the ruins”.

The side was named Pikillacta after the arrival of the Spaniards. Its name in Inca times is unknown, but it is thought that it could have been Muyuna (going round in circles); this place is known today as Wakarpay and it is part of Pikillacta complex.

cusco-ruins-piquillactaPikillacta is a sign of great civilization, known for the extraordinary planning capability of its cities. It was built by the Wari Culture, thanks to its size; Pikillacta is considered one of the main cities in ancient Peru. It is surrounded by aristocratic villas located across the plateau and the Wakarpay Lake.





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