Machu Picchu full day.:.Travel in Cusco

Reaching Machu Picchu is entering a different dimension. A place where mystic takes its true meaning. Apparently built to belittle the man amid to portentous nature, it is said that the Inca Pachacutec, ninth ruler of Tawantinsuyu, ordered the erection of Machu Picchu as a retreat; as a fortress that would prevent an eventual advance of the anti-settlers of the Amazon rainforest that threatened the Empire, or as a place dedicated to the worship of the sun, inhabited by virgins called acllas. However, beyond these interpretations, which still captivates visitors, as well as researchers, is the secret motive that prompted builders to erect this vast assembly in the first place in an unlikely location in the mountains, an extraordinary monument.

As guided by supernatural forces, the builders of Machu Picchu were extremely skilled in the design of its structure. The harmony of the rocks, finely wrought, and the precision with which they were placed are to this day admired and studied. However, what catches the eye of the traveler is the total harmony between the buildings and their natural surroundings. Each of the sites is in direct contact with the outside world, interpenetrating and feeding off their energy.

The set was erected on the mountain Machu Picchu, which means "Old Mountain" in Quechua. 400 feet above the Urubamba River, over another hill that is imposed as a guardian called Huayna Picchu or "Young Mountain", at the top and slopes down to architectural remains.

Highlights of the tour include, the Temple of the Three Windows, The Central Temple, The Priest’s House, and The Royal Tomb (which is located near the entrance gate to the citadel). The Temple of the Sun and the Tower are the only buildings in the entire circle. The Intihuatana or sundial is one of the main attractions. A stone carved in an irregular rectangular fashion claims the ability to "tie the sun to the earth” as the name implies in Quechua. According to experts this stone, arranged on top of a small hill, was the most important location of Machu Picchu.


We will Pick you up from your hotel to take the train for a full day tour of the Magical city of Machu Picchu, it is 112 Km. from Cusco .During the journey we see the Urubamba canyon, Urubamba River and the show capped peaks of the Veronica Mountain.Arriving in AguasCalientes, we go to Machu Picchu where we visit this wonderful Inca Sanctuary also known as “The lost City of the Incas “one of the best known examples of surviving Inca architecture in this you can see the Main plaza, the circular tower, the sacred sundial (the most important preserved Intihuatana) the royal quarters any more. After the visit, we back to AguasCalientes to take the train back to Cusco. Transfer from train station to Hotel.


  • Transfer hotel/ train station / hotel
  • Train tickets from Cusco to AguasCalientes to Cusco
  • Bus Tickets to up and down to AguasCalientes to Cusco
  • Professional guide.
  • Tickets to visit to Machu Picchu

Not included:

  • Meals

We recommended to bring:

  • Use tennis shoes or sneakers.
  • Long pants or slacks
  • Several T -Shirts.
  • Sweaters and jacket.
  • Rain wear ( you never know when will rain even if it’s the dry season)
  • Camera.
  • Insect Repellent and Sun block (Sun is always stronger in such altitude).
  • A lightback pack.
  • Gloves,scarf,hat or cap and sunglasses.